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Spotlesslight - The Future of Interactive Projection

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Welcome to the Spotlesslight®- a revolutionary, patent pending Interactive Projection System for live entertainment applications. 

The Spotlesslight makes interactive projection easy for lighting designers.  The spotlesslight is ideal for adding interactive special effects to almost any type of live entertainment application whether you are designing for a special event, a club, a theater festival, or a Broadway production.

For smaller production environments, the Spotlesslight offers its new Theater-in-a-Box™.  With the Theater-in-a-Box™ the Spotlesslight helps smaller events/theaters both reduce the number of lighting fixtures and lower the costs involved in putting on a production while at the same time enriching the overall experience of the audience.  More specifically, the Theater-in-a-Box™ provides the following functionality all from a single source:

  1. Spotlight - An automated digital follow spotlight
  2. Real-time adaptive Video Projection - Project video that adapts real-time either on your subject(s) or around (background) your subject(s)
  3. Spotlesseffects™ - Interactive Digital effects either on or around your performers